Scoreboard Updater
Click to see instructions.
To Add a Team
Click the "add team" button for as many teams as you will require. You can remove teams later.
To Remove a Team
Click the "remove team" button. Note: This will always remove the last added team.
To Create the Scoreboard
Click "Create or Refresh Scoreboard". This will open a new browser tab/window. You can then drag this window to your second screen/TV/projector.
To Update Scores
To update scores simply type in a new score and click "save" (to update scores immediately) or "create or refresh scoreboard" (to have the screen fade back in). Alternatively you can click the +1 or -1 buttons (these update the scores automatically).
By default the scoreboard will try to reload the scores you had last time you used it (providing you are using the same computer and browser). If you wish to reset everything back to default click "RESET ALL" and confirm the prompt.
Setting Team Colours
By default the teams will be red, blue, orange and purple. You can override these by clicking in the "Team Colour" input box and choosing a colour with the colour picker. The team names and scores will always be in white, so light colours may make it difficult to read.
Note: If running from a local file, the save button does not work.
You must use the "Create or Refresh Scoreboard button" to update scores.
Countdown Seconds: Airhorn?
Clicking save will update immediately in some browsers.
Click "Create or Refresh Scoreboard" to push updates to scoreboard.

Download for Offline Use (some features may not work in Chrome)