What makes our websites easy to update?

Breathe Easy

When we build websites, we are always considering how we can make the client’s life easier. The aim is to create an experience that allows you to add and update the dynamic content within your website, stress-free. You won’t need to worry about breaking the styling of the website, or knowing how to code. How … Read more

3 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools 2020

Why use a social media scheduling tool? A social media scheduling tool allows you to save time by scheduling posts for all of your accounts from a single dashboard. You can have a better overview of your overall social media strategy, and plan ahead more efficiently. Option 1: Buffer Buffer Publish is a popular option … Read more

6 Critical Considerations for Your Website in 2020

This article will take you through 6 critical considerations for your website in 2020. These tips will help you make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Bevan Kay Designs is offering free website audits, to help you understand what areas are working well and where there is room for improvement. Book … Read more

Sourcing photos for your new website

One of the most overwhelming realities of marketing your business is the requirement to have content – especially photography. So what is the best way to acquire photos to use in your promotions? There are a number of options available depending on your budget, skills, resources and type of business. Custom Photography The best solution … Read more

Are QR Codes a Waste of Time in 2019?

QR codes were all the buzz a few years ago, but their popularity faded quickly due to issues with phone compatibility and inefficient usage. In the past QR codes received a bad wrap and were probably pushed too hard before the technology was available to fully embrace them. Using QR codes well can help your … Read more

Links don’t work on Instagram!

Did you know that links don’t work on Instagram? All the time I see businesses posting links in their Instagram post descriptions – which might sound like a great idea. “I want people to follow a link from my post, so I’ll leave one as a call to action.” This seems like a great idea, … Read more