What makes our websites easy to update?

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When we build websites, we are always considering how we can make the client’s life easier. The aim is to create an experience that allows you to add and update the dynamic content within your website, stress-free. You won’t need to worry about breaking the styling of the website, or knowing how to code.

How is this achieved?

Key Content Types

Utilising the ability of WordPress to create custom post types, we set up the different types of dynamic content that your website will require. Items could include, news posts, articles, services offered, client documentation, resources, media or more. The opportunities are endless.

The fields that are required are customised to the requirements of your specific content requirements. For example, if your site requires listing of your services, we can provide easily-adjustable fields such as; service description, image gallery, list of benefits, etc.


For Everything Turf we created the ability to easily add services to the website.

The services are displayed on the website in a summary grid and an individual page as follows;

Everything Turf Example 1

Everything Turf Example 2

View services page example

When editing one of the services for Everything Turf, the client is presented with easy to update fields. The editor looks like;

Everything Turf Admin Panel Example

Global Content

In addition to your key content types, we are able to set up global variables for other types of content so that you can easily keep your information up to date.

An example may be, that we set up an easily updateable field for your business’ phone number and email address so that if you ever need to make a change, it will automatically populate all instances of your phone number or email address throughout your entire site.

This concept can be expanded to include items such as;

  • Individual page hero images
  • Headline text
  • Business address / location
  • Business opening hours

The possibilities with global content are flexible, and fields can be set up to carry any fields that you require to be easily accessible for updating.


The key to an easily updateable website is that you can easily adjust images, content and media without having to worry about breaking the styling and templating of your website.

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