Are QR Codes a Waste of Time in 2019?

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QR codes were all the buzz a few years ago, but their popularity faded quickly due to issues with phone compatibility and inefficient usage.

In the past QR codes received a bad wrap and were arguably pushed too hard before the technology was available to fully embrace them.

Using QR codes effectively can help your marketing and communications stand out in a unique way

The technology behind QR codes is being embraced by big-business such as Snapchat and Instagram, adapting the technology to suit their products for easily scannable user profiles.

An example of a snapcode 'An example of a snapcode')

Example of a snapcode from Snapchat – not exactly a QR code, but the use pattern is exactly the same.

1. In 2019 most smartphones support QR code in their camera app

A few years ago a user was required to download a separate app specifically for scanning QR codes. This meant that the compatibility was extremely poor, and often it was easier to manually complete the action that the QR code was designed to automate.

Every iPhone with iOS 11 or later can scan a QR code simply by focussing on it in the camera app. The same goes for Android phones running version 8 or later.

The result of this is that QR codes are simple to use, and don’t require the user to jump through any hoops to scan them. All they need to do is scan them with their phone camera!

Did you know that QR codes are for more than just web links?

Some examples of what QR codes can be used for are;

  • Website URLs
  • Link to your Instagram account in the Instagram App
  • Import your contact details straight into phone contacts
  • Send an email to a specific address

    • Can have pre-defined email subject and content
  • Import event details into phone calendar
  • WiFi Login Information

How do I make a QR code?

There are many options online for generating QR codes, with most offering basic functionality for free and then additional features for a subscription fee. Some will allow you to change the colour of the code, as well as download as an image file (.png / .jpg) and a vector graphic (.eps / .pdf).

An example of an online QR code generator that I have used in the past is

Software such as Adobe Indesign can also be used to generate QR codes as part of marketing materials.

For more information about QR codes and how they can be utilised within your business get in touch with us today.