3 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools in 2020

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Why use a social media scheduling tool?

A social media scheduling tool allows you to save time by scheduling posts for all of your accounts from a single dashboard. You can have a better overview of your overall social media strategy, and plan ahead more efficiently.

Buffer Logo

Option 1: Buffer

Buffer Publish is a popular option for social media scheduling that allows you to post directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest all from a single dashboard.

Advantages of Buffer

  • Simple to use interface
  • Clean design
  • Preset and custom posting schedules
  • Browser extension to redistribute content from different sources
  • Free plan available and affordable premium option

Disadvantages of Buffer

  • Limited analytics (Buffer Analyse is a separate subscription)
  • Limited ability to see previous posts
  • No advanced user management

Buffer Pricing Model

Free Plan

In their free plan, Buffer allows you to connect three social media accounts (maximum of one per platform) and schedule up to 10 posts per account.

Pro Plan ($15usd/month)

Buffer’s Pro Plan expands the social account limit to eight accounts, with an unlimited amount of accounts per platform. You can also schedule up to 100 posts per account.

Premium Plan ($65usd/month)

Buffer’s Premium Plan still only allows only eight accounts, however, the amount of scheduled posts per account is expanded to 2,000. The Premium Plan also allows you to delegate access to a second user within your business.

With the Premium Plan you can also schedule Instagram Stories, as well as manage hashtags from within Buffer.

Non-profit Pricing

Buffer discounts their pricing by 50% for eligible organisations. You will need to provide your 501(c)(3) document or your country’s equivalent.

Hootsuite Logo

Option 2: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another popular option that allows you to schedule posts not only for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn but also YouTube and WordPress.

Advantages of Hootsuite

  • Analytics for Social Accounts
  • See account timelines within the scheduler
  • Additional Social Media Integrations (YouTube & WordPress)
  • Greater user permissions for Team Plan
  • See and reply to comments and direct messages

Disadvantages of Hootsuite

  • Complicated dashboard
  • Messy user experience
  • More expensive option

Hootsuite Pricing Plans

Free Plan

In their free plan, Hootsuite allows you to connect three social media accounts (maximum of one per platform) and schedule up to 10 posts per account.

Professional Plan ($39aud/month)

Hootsuite’s Professional plan allows you to connect up to 10 social media accounts, with no limit to the amount of schedules posts available.

Team Plan ($169aud/month)

Hootsuite’s Team Plan gives you access to 20 social media accounts, and the ability to delegate access with a maximum of three users. This plan also adds the ability to generate reports for your social media accounts.

Non-Profit Pricing

Through Hootsuite’s Non-Profit Program, they provide a discount of up to 50% for qualifying organisations.

Later Logo

Option 3: Later

Later was first started as an Instagram scheduling tool, but in recent years has become a major contender as a fully-fledged social media scheduling platform. Later allows you to schedule posts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Advantages of Later

  • Clean simple design
  • See your scheduled Instagram posts as they will appear on your timeline
  • Great pricing structure
  • Analytics (different levels for different plans)
  • Saved captions and hashtags on all plans
  • Great feature-set for Instagram focus
  • Linkin.bio Instagram landing page creator

Disadvantages of Later

  • Less popular option
  • Smaller company
  • Free plan limits monthly posts to 30 per social account
  • No LinkedIn support

Later Pricing Plans

Free Plan

In their free plan, Later allows you to connect one social media account per platform, and gives you a limit of 30 posts per account in a calendar month. The free plan gives you access to basic Instagram analytics.

Plus Plan ($9usd/month)

Later’s Plus Plan increases the post limits for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to 100/month and gives you uncapped Twitter posts. This plan adds the ability to schedule video content and Instagram stories, while also giving access to advanced analytics.

Premium Plan ($19usd/month)

Later’s Premium Plan adds the ability to export analytics for all social accounts, adds an additional social account per platform (two) and increases the monthly post limit.

Non-Profit Pricing

Later provides a 50% discount for qualifying Non-Profit Organisations.

Later has additional pricing plans available to suit your needs. Find them online here.